Sustain-A-Culture designs and plants our modest heirloom exhibition garden. Throughout the season we maintain two 4’x16′ raised beds and grow a large variety of specimens whose seeds continue to be propagated and preserved by William Woys Weaver at the Roughwood Seed Foundation and Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds.  Some of our other resources include Seed Savers ExchangeHeirloom Seeds, Amishland Heirloom Seeds, and the Hudson Valley Seed Company.

We believe that these heirloom plants, passed on for hundreds and thousands of years, have a story to tell.

In the early spring you can taste the Mennonite Speckled Leaf Lettuce, a green that found a lot of popularity with Philadelphians in the eighteen hundreds. Check out the Amaranth plant, an ancient grain orginating in the Americas in 6700 BC. Pick the sweet Mammi Huber Stuffing Pepper developed by an Old Order Mennonite and Lancaster County gardener. And delight at the beauty of the Buena Mulata pepper passed on by famous folk artist Horace Pippin. We hope these historical plants, their tastes and their stories can bring our shared history to life.